Flooring Removal and Subfloor Preparation
Whether a complete existing flooring removal or cementitious overpours, Precision Athletic can help ensure that your substrate is ready to receive your new flooring. Don't leave floor preparation to just anyone! Floor prep is as important, if not MORE important than your flooring installation

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Tarkett Sports and Omnisports Cushioned Sheet Vinyl
Omnisports is becoming one of the most popular gym floors in North America. Its characteristics make it ideal for basketball, volleyball, group fitness and more while its ease of maintenance makes it an ideal multi-purpose floor. 

As a preferred dealer and installer of Tarkett Sports' systems, we can help you with any type of gymnasium flooring or athletic surfaces that you may need.

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Concrete Moisture Mitigation
One of the top concerns we see in the flooring industry today is high levels of concrete moisture.

Concrete moisture isn't just a concern during new construction, either. Due to the lack of, or improper usage of a vapor barrier, we find that excessive levels of concrete moisture are more prevalent in renovation work.

Don't let high concrete moisture levels destroy your new floor. We'll work with you to prepare the slab and apply a moisture mitigation system that is guaranteed up to 100% relative humidity as per ASTM F-2170.

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