If you aren't looking for portability, the Nexxfield X-Gen product features NO INFILL, while offering an independent shock pad, the NexxPad. The X-Gen products are based on human factors aimed at optimizing impact absorption from running and major ground impacts such as tackles, without interfering with energy restitution during normal running and sprinting. 

​The X-Gen line features three different systems with varied pile height from 1 5/8" down to 5/8". 

Learn more about X-Gen here.

NO-INFILL Portable X-Gen.E2
Traditional carpet systems are based on manufacturing artificial surfaces in rolls that require special equipment for handling as well as glue and in-fill for installation. The X-Gen.E2 breaks that tradition by using a modular system, which consists in manufacturing ready-to-assemble panels that easily fit together thanks to overlapping Velcro fastener linings..  

Depending on the budget and the needs, E2 is available in its original version designed for maximum playability, a Sport version and a Crossfit version.  

E2 can be installed on a wood floor (or other types of flooring), on concrete, asphalt and even directly on ice. 

Learn more about X-Gen.E2 here.

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