Shot Blasting aka Bead Blasting
​Shot blasting is utilized to remove certain surfaces and also to prepare a concrete surface for further treatment. Shot blast machines 'bounce' a number of small steel balls at a high speed onto the surface of the floor and these balls are then drawn back into the machine to be reused. The end result is a mechanical profile of the concrete surface to improve bonding. Before a moisture mitigation system is applied to the concrete slab, the substrate is shot blasted.  

Proper substrate preparation is just as important, if not more important, than your new flooring installation.  Improperly prepared substrates can lead to new flooring failure, voided product warranties, unsafe surfaces and more. 

Whether you have high moisture, a cracked and uneven concrete substrate, cupping wood flooring, VAT to encapsulate or a mercury contaminated urethane floor to remove or cover, Precision Athletic Surfaces can help.  With over 70 years of flooring experience, we're here to ensure your new flooring is safe and beautiful for years to come. 

Self-Leveling Cementitious Underlayments
Most architectural specifications call for a substrate to have a tolerance of plus or minus 1/8” in a 10’ radius.  We can attain this by utilizing a Portland cement based overpour.

From a simple skim coat to a 2 1/2" overpour, whatever your needs, we can ensure your slab meets your flooring manufacturer's specification.  

Using a self-leveling underlayment ensures a smooth and level playing surface and safe for users of all ages to run after that loose ball. 

FLOOR removal, Floor PREPARATION, Concrete moisture mitigation

Flooring Removal
Whether it is a fixed or floating hardwood maple gym floor, VCT, rubber, vinyl or urethane, whether it needs to be manual means or mechanical means, Precision Athletic Surfaces can remove your existing surface to prepare for your new flooring installation.

The path of flooring failure comes from the weakest link of the installation, so make sure your existing floor is safe to overlay before you do.

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Moisture Mitigation Systems
Whether your slab is 6 days old or 60 years old, moisture is always present in concrete.  We've seen slabs of all ages fail when it comes to high moisture readings.  

Ardex, Koster, Aquafin, Penetron, Mapei, Proma, CustomTech. There are many manufacturers of these types of systems, but they all attain the same result: sealing the concrete and preventing moisture vapors from emitting from the concrete slab.

Talk to us about not only proper concrete moisture testing of your substrate, but also solutions to ensure that moisture doesn't effect your new floor. Ever.