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How it Works

  1. Contact Precision Athletic Surfaces to arrange a free site visit and a quotation.
  2. Receive your payment quote and fill out an application. Financials may be required.
  3. Upon approval, PNC Equipment Finance will prepare documents for your review and signature.
  4. You endorse the documents, return them to PNC, and PNC issues a purchase order for the floor.
  5. Your floor is delivered and installed, while PNC confirms acceptance and funds the project.

Through a partnership with PNC Sports Finance, a business unit of PNC Equipment Finance, LLC, Tarkett Sports now offers payment solutions customized to your specific budget requirements. Financing is available for qualified customers including public, private, and non-profit organizations. Financing is also available for purchases made through the Smart Buy program, which includes cooperative purchasing agencies such as AEPA, TCPN, Buy Board, NJPA, and KPN. With low, fixed-rate financing, installing your new court might be easier than you think. You can download a free brochure on the program here. 

  1. Stay Within Your Budget: Spread the costs over customized periodic payments that match the timing of your budget.
  2. Start Seeing Results Now: Financing allows the athletic surface to generate savings and/or revenue while payments are made.
  3. Take Advantage of Customized Solutions: Choose an option that fits, including municipal solutions that meet appropriation requirements.
  4. Get Great Rates with Fast and Easy Approval Process: Finance your athletic surfaces quickly, easily, and with highly competitive rates.
  5. Save Funds for Other Needs: Stretch total project budgets that incorporate design, construction, and other costs.
  6. Preserve Bank Credit Lines: Financing will not affect your bank credit line, saving credit for needs such as working capital.e your paragraph here.